Monday, October 18, 2010

Gordon in the morning: A-ha, mm-hmm

Presumably in preparation for the soon-come Alan Partridge web series, Steve Coogan left a message on Tom Kasabian's answerphone. In the character, Coogan berated Kasabian for using a Manson Family name as branding of their pudgerock band.

It confuses Gordon, who rather than filing downpage decides this is the big story today and tries to write it up as if Alan Partridge was real - presumably he culdn't get a web boffin to create a photo of him wearing an "I am in on the joke" t-shirt:

The failed TV presenter was probably calling from the Linton Travel Tavern, but the Kasabian lads shouldn't be too offended - there's no way he hates them as much as he does the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre.
Ha ha ha, yes, and he probably had his hand in a turkey and had just shot someone because those are things he did on TV, too.

One other note: Smart attempts to defend Kasabian's choice of Linda Kasabian as a choice for a band name:
Linda Kasabian was an accomplice to Manson and his so-called "Manson Family" - a commune responsible for a string of murders in the late 1960s.

But she was also the key witness in a 1970 trial when Manson was convicted of killing nine people.
Well, yes. But she refused to say anything at all until she was given immunity from prosecution, so she literally got away with murder. Surprising to see The Sun treating her as if she was the good guy from the Manson family.