Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taylor Swift says sorry in a song

Back To December, it turns out, is a mea culpa by Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift has revealed that the lyrics to her new track 'Back To December' were written as an apology to a former boyfriend.

The song - which will appear on her forthcoming album Speak Now - allowed the singer to find closure on a difficult relationship during which she acted 'carelessly', reports MTV News.
Sometimes the apology is worse than the insult, it appears.

You might wonder how heartfelt the apology is when you're busily raking in cash from it - although I guess if the time I'd smashed the Hummel I could have got radioplay royalties for my tearful 'sorry, Mum' I would have taken them.

Even so, if I was Swift's ex, I still think I'd have been happier with a bunch of flowers and a muffin basket.