Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bookmarks - Internet stuff: Dean Wareham

Aidin Vaziri meets Dean Wareham for the San Francisco Chronicle and asks why Wareham's touring Galaxie 500 songs, but not the band:

"It didn't look like fun," Wareham says, with just a hint of his native New Zealand accent lingering in his voice.
In an oral history published on the website Pitchfork to commemorate the releases, Krukowski charged, "The more money we earned, the less I recognized Dean for the friend I once had."

Wareham was caught off-guard by the lingering resentment but not entirely surprised. The only communication he's had with his former bandmates over the past two decades is through e-mail. "I don't need to travel with people who are angry about things I did 20 years ago," he sniffs.

"I think a reunion would be easier to do with a four- or five-piece band," Wareham adds. "The very structure of being a trio, where the other two are a couple, makes it more difficult to consider. There are only so many ways the tension could go."


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