Saturday, November 27, 2010

Embed and breakfast man: The Senseless Things

I was a bit surprised to realise, during the scanty research for this introduction, that The Senseless Things lasted seven years as a going concern. That's not even measuring from the late-last-decade Wiz memorial reunion back to the school version of the band; it's taking from 1987's fanzine freebie first release to the eventful, eventual 1995 of record company dropping and band implosion.

Oh, but they rushed during those seven years. And they were collaborating with Jamie Hewlett while Damon Albarn was still trying to flatten his vowels.

Morgan Nicholls now plays as part of Muse's touring band. You find scrabbly indie survivors in the strangest places.

Let's start with Too Much Kissing recorded - as seems appropriate - at the Square in Harlow. The Square was the epicentre for this sort of guitar pop:

The Postcard CV - debut album re-released by Cherry Red this year
The Singles - downloadable

Senseless Things things
Full tribute site
Senseless Things on Last FM
Senseless Things on Spotify

More to come across the weekend
Although many of the videos have had their embedding switched off by Sony Records, so perhaps not very much more.
Hold It Down live on The Word
Easy To Smile live on Top Of The Pops


Ginsoakedboy21 said...

Not only does Morgan play with Muse, Cass Browne now plays with Gorillaz.

This officially makes Senseless Things the most succesful early 90s band currently selling out arenas...

Can we have some love for Mark Keds post-ST project Jolt, now?


James said...

Morgan Nicholls was also briefly, of course, the v. fun M Organ, the act behind Lamacq-championed Miss Parker. Whilst checking I wasn't making this up, I stumbled across the video. It's lovely.

(I'm convinced there's some sort of link between Senseless Things and The Pecadiloes too, but I may actually be making that one up)

Chris Brown said...

I've got the M Organ album. Some of it's very good, some of it less so. Especially the bits where he let his dad sing.

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