Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Liam Gallagher's eye wants your ears

If we're being fair, there's no reason to assume that Beady Eye is going to be like Nowaysis but with guesswork. They might be going to surprise us. It could be Liam Gallagher's redemption.

Tomorrow, when a free download is made available via the Beady Eye site, we might find ourselves struggling to understand how someone who has spent years treading water underhoof could turn in a life-changing, life-affirming, life-tasting track of subtle joy and secret magics.

I'd bet against it, but there's always a chance, right?


PeterDee said...

Did you listen to it? I suspect it is still the same old shitty old fashioned rock that he was ploughing in Oasis but you never know he may have been listening to a steady diet of siddeleys and spacemen 3 for the past 12 months and is ready to take that influence and put it into his music. Unlikely.
I was however hoping you would listen to it so I didnt have to.

Anonymous said...

the b side is a cover of a 'world of twist' song...seriously.

Anonymous said...

Peter D I bet you listen to radiohead because you think they're cool

PeterDee said...

Anonymous, you would lose big if you placed that bet. Its ok to think that Radiohead are overhyped shit and also to think that Oasis and their ilk contribute nothing of value or importance, not only to music, but to life itself. My music tastes, although irrelvant to this, vary massively but tend to err on the side of shit. Thats at least what friends tell me. What I think is cool certainly isn't Radiohead.
Now then, I suspect that you have heard this Beady Eye bollocks and will be able to tell me if it isnt tirgid 3rd rate Oasis b-side rubbish with Gallagher the younger doing his best Lennon impression and it is something moment defining and different?

Anonymous said...

"Chas 'n Dave meet Status Quo" I've sen it described as. The little I've managed to listen to bears this out.

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