Saturday, December 04, 2010

Embed and breakfast man: Jolt

Last week, as we explored the back catalogue of The Senseless Things, Ginsoakedboy put in a plea for Mark Keds' Jolt project.

There's not a great deal from the band online - although it appears Jolt's greatest moment came when Mark Keds snuck a line from the single Kitten into The Libertine's Can't Stand Me Now. So Jolt sort-of had a number two hit. Kind of.

The band also featured Lenie Mets, sometime of Animals That Swim, and Martin Shaw. Shaw drummed and, I suspect, has perfected pretending it's the first time anyone has ever said "Judge John Deed" to him.

In a Q 'Where Are They Now' piece Cass described his former Thingsmate's Jolt as "not working out", which is something of understatement. There were three singles, before evreyone moved on. And not very much has made it to YouTube.

This has, though: second ep Punk Jungle Rules, and the track Love and Romance:

Can't Leave Without It:

Certain Death Estate:

And, erm, that's all I could find. If there's any evidence of the handful of other tracks flitting about online, I'd like to know.

Punk Jungle Rules - still new, unsold copies available

UPDATE: Thanks to the mighty Ginsoakedboy, there's now the first ep to enjoy as well.


Ginsoakedboy21 said...

Wow, I was mainly joking, didn't expect a Jolt article.

Good work!


Ginsoakedboy21 said...

..and further to my earlier post, that means that ex-Senselss Things members are linked to Muse, Gorillaz AND The Libertines.

That actually blows my mind.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

The Senseless Things are the Zeligs of indie rock. Case proven, I think.

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