Monday, December 20, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Suddenly spinning Jackson's corpse in the opposite direction

Ooh, I wonder who rang the Sun and had a word? After last week's fair enough bit pointing out how poorly the new "Jackson" album is doing, today there's a piece tacked on the end of a story about Mat Cardle which looks like an attempt to try and make it sound like a great sale:

Michael, the King Of Pop's new album, got to No4.

It's MICHAEL JACKSON's biggest-selling album in terms of opening week sales in the UK since Dangerous in 1991.
Yes, but that's only because it's Christmas week and people are buying gifts - and because everything since Dangerous was either a repackaging or stillborn. There are going to be so many people opening packages on the 25th saying "oh... thanks, Gran... you remembered I loved Michael Jackson" and swallowing back the words "when I was six years old."

For a rotten album, it's an alright sale, but proves once again that by the time he died, his place in the entertainment industry was closer to Ripley's Believe It Or Not rather than Presley.

The article is a bit strange, too, as - despite being published "today" - it's speculating that Matt Cardle might be Christmas Number One. Despite, erm, the Christmas Number One having been announced last night.