Friday, January 14, 2011

Bookmarks - Internet stuff: Jay Reatard

Pitchfork marks a year since Jay Reatard's too-early death. It's a warm piece, with memories from those who knew with him:

Britt Daniel (Spoon): I think maybe we had to run it by the promoter in Milwaukee, but it was our idea. It was wild. His shows always were. We only ever hung out at shows really, but it was great being around him. Every time I saw him he was talkative and charismatic; sometimes he'd get on funny tangents and sometimes he was kind of chaotic, which was actually fun to be around. He was always friendly. At the New Year's Eve show he actually seemed calmer than I'd ever seen him. He seemed happy and chill and excited about playing. I think they'd driven a long way to get to that show.

[Thanks for the tip to @le_chuckb]