Monday, January 17, 2011

Gordon in the morning: I yam what I yam

There's a lot of spinach-related sort-of-punnery this morning as Gordon reports on Amy Winehouse playing Brazil, hanging on this:

The Rehab singer resembled the Sailor Man's girlfriend Olive in the fitted frock - and could've done with some of his infamous spinach to plump her up.
She "resembled Olive Oyl", did she?

Oh, yes. I can't tell which is which.

Elsewhere in Bizarre, in the endless coverage of the preparation work for the next Katie Price series, two Sun writers "discover" from "pals" that Price is annoyed about a photo featuring Alex Reid and one of her kids:
[A]ny hope of a reconciliation ended after he sold snaps of himself wrestling at a gym last week with Junior, her five-year-old son by ex-husband Peter Andre.

Alex, 35, knew Jordan, real name Katie Price, was trying to withdraw her three kids from the public eye.

A source said: "Katie absolutely hit the roof. Alex knew how she felt but knew he'd get coverage by playing the world's best dad. It was a disgusting use of a five-year-old boy and he knew very well how much it would upset Katie."
Well, that all makes sense. Price keen to keep kids out the public eye; Reid appears in a photo with one of the kids - that could be seen as insensitive. We can't know what Reid's motivation was.

However, I think we can all guess what The Sun was thinking when it, erm, printed the photo.