Monday, January 10, 2011

Indie record shops return to Cowley Road

Good news for the people of Oxford - three years after Polar Bear melted, there's going to be indie record shop on Cowley Road again. Rapture, which already has branches in Evesham and Cameronville Witney is opening a third branch. It may or may not be called Rapture; and it's going to get marketing help from the Truck Festival team.

[Rapture Owner Gary] Smith denied it was a risk to open a shop in the current economic situation. He said: “It is a risk, but when we opened in Witney six years ago, people said it was a risky business back then, but we are still here and going strong.

“Judging by the response we got when we opened for one day, there is a market for us.”

He added: “We pride ourselves on customer service and stock knowledge.

“That is what people will get, friendly staff, great stock and great customer service.”
Hey... imagine that. Do you think HMV have thought of that as a way forward?

[Thanks to @jimwaterson for the tip]