Monday, January 31, 2011

Punkobit: John Garrighan

Absolute Punk is reporting the death of John Garrighan.

Garrighan was just 14 when he formed The Berlin Project, a Philadelphia punk outfit which Yahoo Music advises readers - with a straight face - to not confuse with Berlin of Take My Breath Away fame.

Originally a ska-punk band, by their third single The Berlin Project was adjusting to the public taste for gentle emoage. The change worked well for them - they found a slot on a Warped tour and built an audience, but it wasn't until 2003 that Gerrighan found a line-up and a sound that he felt comfortable with. The Things We Say is probably the closest Gerrighan came to capturing his 14 year-old self on record. Whether the effort of getting there proved too much, or this was all that he wanted the band to achieve, the band split in 2005 after the last of the Things promo dates.

Absolute Punk's Jason Tate reports that Gerrighan had recently been working on new material with Derek Woodz.