Saturday, February 26, 2011

Embed and breakfast man: Madder Rose

Your arms in a wild rotation this weekend, as we spend some time rummaging through the back catalogue of Madder Rose.

Considered by no less an authority than someone posting a comment under the name MadderRoseRulz as "one of the best bands which came out of the NYC area", Madder Rose ran through the 1990s like a seam of pure gold. Formed in 1991, four albums - two indie, two for Atlantic - later they sort-of fell apart just before the Millennium Dome opened, although Mary Lorson and Billy Coté would stick together to make an album of almost-drugged almost-chamber music under their own names.

We've kicked off up there with Swim, which is probably the peak of their powers. (Yes, that's the way to sell the rest of the weekend of Madder Rose tracks, isn't it? 'It's downhill from here'...)

But who knew you could take something stripped down, and strip it down even further?

Colorcoded25, fetch us your ukelele:

Panic On
Bring It Down
Hello June Fool

Madder Rose online
Trouser Press biography
Madder Rose on Last FM
Madder Rose on MySpace - contains "BBC Manchester" recordings, which I'm guessing must be from Radcliffe's graveyard shift show

More Madder Rose across the weekend
Panic On
Ultra Anxiety live at Glastonbury
Hung Up In You live on MTV
Car Song
Sleep Forever

1 comment:

Markie said...

"The video contains content from WMG who has blocked it on copyright grounds".

Hey, good work blocking free advertising to help shift some back catalogue Warners.

This is akin to the time Burger King were upset because one of their expensively produced Whopper Jr adverts got shown during CSI:Rotherham on Channel 4.

Oh wait, that never happened because it would be utterly wrong-headed and counter productive and would lead to a reduction in the consumption of their dead cow based products.

Oh well, the ukulele rendition was very lovely and more than made up for my Madder Rose disappointment.

Grrr...stupid bloody major record labels.

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