Monday, February 07, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Dubz in their boots

Hasn't the 'N-Dubz about to break America' story been running for about half a forever now? Jesus, even Just Good Friends finally got a resolution faster than this one.

Today, Gordon tells us that they're just about to head off for that meeting with Def Jam that it feels like they've been poised on the edge of since the early days of the Reagan presidency.

Oh, and they're had some slightly smarter clothes bought for them to make their next video in:

They show the threads off in the video for latest single Morning Star, which is released on March 13.

Dappy said: "Fazer and I have been inspired to wear more tailored suits and smart jackets. You have to evolve."
This, of course, is the use of the word "inspired" to mean "told to".

What's lovely about this, though, is that it does inspire this caption, under a photo of Dappy apparently looking out to sea:
New clobber ... Dappy looks all over Facebook and the status says a smart new look
What does that even mean? It sounds like a great-grandparent trying to engage with a young person using knowledge scraped together from something they saw on Tonight With Trevor McDonald and old Punch cartoons.