Monday, February 21, 2011

Gordon in the morning: News in brief shorts

Kylie Minogue has kicked off her Aphrodite Les Folies world tour. But, of course, there's only one thing on Gordon's mind:

KYLIE MINOGUE donned hotpants for her return to live touring – six years after vowing she would never again wear skimpy shorts.

The Aussie singer, 42, danced in a denim version of the gold pair that made her bottom a sensation back in 2000.
What did she play? Were there new songs? How was her voice?

Ah, that Gordon cannot say. But he does know this:
And on stage in Hernig, Denmark, on Saturday night Kylie was still as toned as when she chose the look for her Spinning Around video.
What a tremendous arse. And yet he has a newspaper column.