Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hunt suddenly realises DEA won't work

To be fair, it's not entirely Jeremy Hunt's fault that the Digital Economy Bill is pointless and unworkable, what with it having been rushed through in the dying days of the last government, but I'm still not entirely sure why he stood up at the time and said 'this bill is riddled with holes, but, oh, go on, let's make it law'.

Having got the DEA onto the statute book, Hunt is now looking at easing it off by asking Ofcom to review if the powers it's been given and plans to somehow chase file sharers off the internet can work:

"I have no problem with the principle of blocking access to websites used exclusively for facilitating illegal downloading of content," Mr Hunt said. "But it is not clear whether the site-blocking provisions in the Act could work in practice so I have asked Ofcom to address this question."
Here's a clue, Jeremy: They won't. You might remember people telling you this back when you were helping make this act law less than a year ago.