Friday, February 04, 2011

MySpace continues to drain Murdoch's pockets

You could almost feel sorry for Rupert, as between the takeover referals, and the Sky Sexism, and the ruling on EU sports bundles, and The Daily being a pointless cash-drain, and everything.

Obviously, what with him being all Blofeldy, it's actually impossible to feel sympathy. But look: Here's more misery for him, as MySpace loses $275million in a quarter:

News Corp. COO Chase Carey told analysts,

"The new MySpace has been very well received by the market and we have some very encouraging metrics. But the plan to allow MySpace to reach its full potential may be best achieved under a new owner."
"Yeah, nice little runner this MySpace" he continued, walking round it and kicking the wheels. "You interested in buying it? We could do a deal. I mean, obviously there's a lot of interest, and with something like this it'll go quickly, so don't hang around. I'll throw in The Daily, too, sweeten the deal."