Monday, February 07, 2011

Rihanna: Come On? Come off it

The supposed relabeling of Rihanna's S&M as Come On for our delicate British ears isn't a move endorsed by the woman herself, reckosn MTV News:

It all starts with the brand-new U.K. Top 40 Singles chart, which is compiled by the British-based Official Charts Company and unveiled every Sunday on Radio 1. In this week's chart, "S&M" officially debuts, but, strangely enough, it does so with the title "Come On." It's not clear who made the change — the OCC, the BBC or perhaps even Rihanna's record label, Island Def Jam — or even why, but that hardly mattered to RiRi, who took to her Twitter account to express her outrage.

"Are you f---ing kidding me??? I'm on it!" she wrote in one tweet after being asked by a fan about the new title. When asked by another fan if she was OK with the change, she replied, "Absolutely Not!"
Except... certainly right now, the Radio One website lists the song as, erm, S&M (Come On).

Still, the whole record and video screeches 'look over here' so much, a little bit more "excitement" can't hurt, can it?