Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sophie B and the GOP

Boy Culture blogger Matthew Rettenmund was disappointed when he found out that Sophie B Hawkins was playing a CPAC event. Albeit, the GOProud Republican group for ill-advised right-wing gays and lesbians, but a right-wing event nevertheless.

So he thought he'd ask why she was doing this. Her people sent a polite reply:

I manage Sophie and Lisa Lori sent me your email re Sophie and GoProud. She is not supporting their beliefs but trying to build a bridge so we can all talk and be humans over party. They invited her to play for free. She said she would, if they recognized she is an artist and is going as an artist not taking sides, but being open for them to emjoy her music as humans."
Rettenmund remains puzzled:
Why is it always liberal-minded people who feel they have to build bridges to people who are so contemptuous of their ideals? No conservative artist would play a climate-change awareness party, let alone the equivalent of CPAC.
I suspect the answer might lay in the phrase "liberal-minded people", but it does seem a bit strange. The CPAC audience is going to be turning up to see the likes of Ann Coulter; what sort of bridge does Sophie think she's going to be able to construct during her set?