Thursday, March 03, 2011

Avril Lavigne soaks up life experience

Why hasn't there been an Avril Lavigne record since 2007?

Well, yes, I'm sure that "nobody was interested in buying one" might be part of it, but really it turns out she's been getting life experience so she had something to write about.

So, what has she been doing? Taken a job in a small town supermarket? Climbed a mountain? Studied astrophysics?

No, it appears her "life experience" was marrying another minor celebrity and then divorcing the same minor celebrity:

She said: "I've taken my time on this record, with my life and experienced what I need to in life to write songs that are very meaningful to me. I threw a lot of myself into this record."

'Girlfriend' singer Avril divorced Sum 41 vocalist Deryck Whibley after four years of marriage in late 2010, and confesses some of the album - which he partly produced - is inspired by changes in her life and the relationships she has been in.

She said: "My first single 'What The Hell' is just a song about life and freedom and changes. It's about personal freedom.

"'Push' is definitely one of my favourite songs on this record. All my girlfriends love it. It's a song about fighting for love and believing in love. When you're fighting and you're like, 'Shut up, move forward and move along and let's do this because we love each other.' "
To be honest, Avril, your "girlfriends" might not be the most impartial audience to test your new material on.

Still, an album forged in the white heat of the real life forge of being married to the singer from a Green Day tribute band. I'm sure we can all, like, whatever, relate and that, right?