Saturday, March 12, 2011

Embed and breakfast man: Done Lying Down

I have an enormous affection for Americans who relocate to the UK, so how could I fail to love 'Jack Plug', who left Boston (Mass not Lincs) in 1992, came to London, and created a band who could do this sort of thing:

That's Throughout, live at the Bull And Gate in 2006.

Their early years reads like a checklist of a different world - Radio 5 session on Hit The North; video on the Chart Show; warm reviews from Select; Peel Sessions and Festive Fifty entries; enthusiastic support from the Melody Maker, gigs in a circuit that wasn't branded with sponsor logos. They even played the Phoenix Festival. It's sometimes quite a sharp shock to realise what a different place even the recent past is. Even the phrase "new wave of new wave" was thrown at them at one point. (They weren't.)

As the existence of the 2006 Bull And Gate Festival shows, the end of the band in 1997 wasn't completely the end of the band.

John Austin Routledge
Family Values

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