Thursday, March 17, 2011

Liam Gallagher finally finds a worthy target

At last, a band deserving of what Liam Gallagher clearly believes is withering contempt:

Liam Gallagher feels his brother Noel made Oasis look like "Culture Club on shit acid" in their videos.[...]
He told Spin magazine: "Sometimes Noel treated us like his fucking backing band. Some of the videos we did were fucking shocking. 'Lyla', for example. We look like fucking Culture Club on shit acid.
Gallagher's pledge to hand back the thousand upon thousands of pounds he made from the era seems to have been dropped from the quote, perhaps for length considerations.

Liam then trumpets how Bleeding Eye or whatever it's called is, you know, a democracy:
He added: "The little fella's gone. I watch enough Sky News to know that we shouldn't have leaders. This band is four geezers all on the same page, wanting to make this the greatest band in the world."
Yes, it's a total democracy. That's why Spin was interviewing Liam Gallagher. It could have oh-so-easily have been The Former Andy Bell, the one that used to be in Heavy Stereo or David Laws who did the interview. It just so happened that the Beady Eye commune decided Liam would do it today.