Sunday, March 13, 2011

This week just gone

The most-read March stories so far have been:

1. A.Vox deny being homophobic by checking tight definition on Wikipedia
2. Maroon 5 dance to Coca Cola's tune
3. HMV warn they might be even less successful than they thought
4. Take That suffer mild inconvenience at airport; Sun makes story out of it
5. MTV accept Belfast's bid to host the EMAs
6. Soul music excited to be working with Cliff Richard, claims Cliff Richard
7. Pete Doherty accused of burglary, continued asshattery
8. Coke outlines plans to use music to ensnare kids
9. Bob Dylan lets the Chinese government choose his set list
10. John Lydon rails at the X Factor. They deserve each other.

These were interesting and new:

Erland And The Carnival - Nightingale

Download Nightingale

Carrie Elkin - Call It My Garden

Download Call it My Garden

Buffalo Tom - Skins

Download Skins

Noah And The Whale - Last Night On Earth

Download Last Night On Earth

Blancmange - Blanc Burn

Download Blanc Burn

Marianne Faithful - Horses And High Heels

Download Horses And High Heels

REM - Collapse Into Now

Download Collapse Into Now

Elbow - Build A Rocket Boys

Download Build A Rocket Boys

Rival Schools - Pedals

Download Pedals

Placebo - Bsides 1996-2006

Download Placebo Best Of