Friday, April 22, 2011

A day with the Jesuses: Jesus Chrysler Suicide

It's a pun too far, isn't it? Jesus Chrysler would have just about worked, but 'Suicide' pushes it too much.

They're from Poland, and, erm, have clearly written their own Last FM biography:

Music critics immediately spotted huge potential resting in the band. As a result “Romp” received great reviews. Meanwhile the band was giving concerts all over the country among which the one with Life of Agony and Pro-Pain became particularly memorable. In 1995 the group`s second album “SCHIZOVIRUS” appeared to be a breakthrough in the band`s career. It was a huge step forward towards the more intriguing and more original sounds.
In their mind, they're The Cult; but they're really like Zodiac Mindwarp forgetting it was meant to be fun:

Jesus Chrysler Suicide get an X-Factor of 4.

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