Friday, April 22, 2011

A day with the Jesuses: Jesus Loves You

Or, when Boy George met E.

The history books record that it was hearing Everything Begins With An E that led Boy George to embrace the then-new dance music, create More Protein records, adopt the pseudonym Angela Dust for writing and Jesus Loves You for recording.

Angela Dust - do you see what he did there? It sounds a bit like, oh, what's the phrase? Oh, yes, "like he's a thirteen year old boy pretending to be doing drugs".

Funnily enough, Bow Down Mister - the big hit-ish hit - doesn't sound half as annoying when viewed from 2011 as it did when it came out. It still doesn't sound great, but it has taken on the sort of warm nostalgia for the declining years of the Radio One Roadshow that The Second Summer Of Love gives off. In other words, it reminds of us a time when we hadn't realised we weren't young anymore.

Jesus Loves You gets a X-Factor of 5.

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