Friday, April 29, 2011

Elton John successfully contrasts two events

I'm not sure if have cut off half his quote, or if their story about Elton John is as complete as it could be:

Elton John has had his say on the Royal Wedding after attending Prince William and Kate Middleton's nuptials in London this morning (April 29).

The Rocket Man attended the ceremony at Westminster Abbey with his partner David Furnish as the happy couple tied the knot in front of 1,900 guests.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5Live on his way out of the venue, John said: "It's not the Oscars."
Really? Saying - somewhat bemusingly - that a wedding is not like a prize giving was "having his say", was it?

Was he angry at it not being like the Oscars? Because there were no goody bags and only one person got a kiss out of it?

Or was he delighted it wasn't like the Oscars - no awkward chit-chat with Joan Rivers on the way in?

Perhaps he was trying to send a coded warning - "Victoria Beckham, if you hear this, please, for god's sake remember: IT'S NOT THE OSCARS"?

Really, he didn't "have his say". A more accurate lead-in would have been "Elton John has said a thing".