Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gordon in the morning: In the bunker

Last year, you might remember that Gordon Smart had a golf contest - which is fine - but then he wrote about it in a newspaper. Which was embarrassing, especially as he was wading under the delusion that he was hosting a celebrity event.

Has he learned his lesson?


The really funny thing is that, while a bunch of vaguely-familiar-with-a-prompt-names playing golf could turn into a lightly amusing article, but Smart writes it up as if it was an actual sporting event people might care about:
Soccer AM star MAX RUSHDEN came close but next year could be his year.

Former West Ham and Scotland ace FRANK McAVENNIE rattled the longest drive of the day, just edging out swimming giant MARK FOSTER.
One of Hurts turned up towards the end, which doesn't help them shift the feeling they might be a 21st century remake of Tears For Fears.