Saturday, April 16, 2011

Liam Gallagher defends Wayne Rooney

Where would a man like Wayne Rooney - broad of fame, weighty of wallet, but short of grey matter - find a person prepared to support him after he got banned for swearing into the faces of Sky Sports viewers the other week?

From the same demographic, of course:

Speaking to BBC Football Focus, [Liam] Gallagher commented: "I suppose there's a lot of kids out there called Sebastian who will find it horrific that he's swearing down the camera. But it happens, young man," he said.
Actually, Liam, the Sebastians will be thrilled by the visceral clod-thumping reality of it all.

It's more parents who would be upset by Rooney's apparent inability to understand that what might be acceptable in one context isn't acceptable in others. You know, parents like that bloke who wants his kids to not grow up foul-mouthed:
The star revealed to Britain's Sun newspaper: "I won't have my kids getting lippy. No swearing"
Yes, that would be Liam Gallagher talking.

But perhaps Liam hasn't thought through how difficult it might be to bring your kids up to not swear their heads off when a rich, famous man dumps fucks into a camera because he put a ball into a goal.