Saturday, May 07, 2011

Bieber management plead guilty to reduced charges

The 2009 incident where young girls went wild in a Long Island Mall during a Justin Bieber appearance has reached its legal resolution, with Bieber's manager and label cutting a deal:

According to E! News, the charges against [Scott] Braun were dropped Friday after Bieber agreed to make a public-service announcement for an anti-cyberbullying campaign and his record label, Island Def Jam, pleaded guilty to the ordinance violation and agreed to reimburse the county almost $8,000 to pay its share of the costs associated with the law enforcement and fire marshal response after the melee.
If I'm reading this correctly, Braun has got off by getting Justin Bieber to do his community service for him. Now, that's a manager who has someone's balls in a vice. Probably literally, by the sound of it.