Saturday, May 07, 2011

Gordon in the morning: No Dubz

Good news from Gordon's corner this morning: N-Dubz are going on hiatus.

They're going to spend eighteen months concentrating on "solo projects" Dappy has announced.

It's possible that that's just what they've told Dappy, of course.

So, what are these solo projects?

"TULISA is going to do her films and her fragrances."
'Doing fragrances'? Doesn't that consist of nodding when you're told what it's going to be, having a photo taken, and turning up at a party? Let's hope there's quite a lot of film work to keep her busy.
"FAZER is going to produce half of my album and I'm going inside the studio to write songs with Tulisa.
Is it just me, or does this sound like they're all working together during their solo time?

Dappy is looking forward to his next year or so:
"I've got bangers for you - I've got a big solo album coming for you, three smash singles. By Christmas, hopefully, I'll have two No1s. One of my first ones is called No Regrets."
Does Dappy know when Christmas is?