Monday, May 02, 2011

HaX Factor: Cowell gets hacked

What would you do if you had the contact details of quarter of a million Americans who can't really sing as well as they think they can?

SyCo's servers have been hacked, and details of a quarter million US X Factor entrants have been copied.

The producers have sent out a warning email:

‘This week, we learned that computer hackers illegally accessed information you and others submitted to us to receive information about The X Factor auditions.

It is possible that the information you did provide to us, which included your name, email address, zip code, phone number (which was optional), date of birth, and gender, may have been accessed.

We are taking this matter very seriously and are working with federal law enforcement authorities to investigate this illegal action.

The X Factor will never ask you to email personal information such as financial data, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers or the user name or passwords you use to access other websites.

If you receive an email that appears to be from or The X Factor asking for personal information, please delete it, as it did not come from us.’
Some contestants on Cowell's programmes have a tough time of it once they're on screen, with not very much care shown towards them. Who knew the twist for the X Factor's US launch would be you'd get poorly treated and exposed to christ-knows-what even before you audition?


James said...

Sounds like a goldmine for a Personal Injury Claims Firm. Don't be too surprised if a spam email goes out to 250,000 addresses shortly after the auditions; "Have your feelings been hurt in an accident that wasn't your fault? Have you been told you can't sing? Were you told via an exaggerated, stale put-down that was basically a variation on 'That was probably the worst thing I've ever heard'?" Are you incapable of emitting a note without demonstrating its pitch with your right hand? Have you been held back in your professional singing career by a lack of stories about dead relatives? Then contact us and we'll see you get the compensation you deserve, or at least a job turning on your town's Christmas lights"

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