Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dave Davis: Dreamreader

For reasons that I can't still can't quite follow, Dave Davis of The Kinks is offering to interpret your dreams.

So, for example, "BJ" reports a tumultuous night being forced to feed tasmanian devils to American Indians who turned out to be "European gypsies" while horses watched on from the trees. Even with the gypsies starting to assault BJ's neighbours, Davies chooses to ignore the possibility that her subconscious might be a little bit racist and instead ponders the horses:

The fact that the horses were in trees could be symbolic of needing to branch out or achieve new heights in some aspect of your life. Although what these two images combined together make me think of is the phrase 'coming down off your high horse." Either you or someone close to you, taking a superior attitude in a situation that calls for a more grounded approach?
Really, Dave? Do dreams effectively do little more than the big screen in Catchphrase, over-literally dispensing idiom and figures of speech in simplistic images?

It's good, but it's not right.

And what of the Native Americans who turn into gypsies?
The appearance of the Native Americans, a race given to living close to the land and being more in touch with the spiritual world seems to point to this dream being about some sort of crisis of faith, either in the literal sense or in the figurative sense or losing you faith in someone important to you.
He doesn't mention the gypsies. Perhaps Dave thought about the "little bit racist" interpretation and didn't want to be rude.

Anyway, have you had a strange dream, and really can't keep it to yourself? Have you really tried to keep it to yourself? Really, really? Still can't? Why not send it to Dave, and see what it all "means"?

I'm hoping it's all a playful hat-tip to Jason Donovan's long-running Any Dream Will Do column in Smash Hits.
Jason says: That'll do

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