Friday, June 24, 2011

Glastonbury 2011: No drug test run-off

Dr John Ramsey is a disappointed man this weekend. No, he didn't buy tickets for the festival thinking it was some sort of Prince gig; he's a scientist from ULU and wanted to do some analysis on sewage from the site to see if there were any traces of drugs:

"It would have been a golden opportunity to test the technology and find out the actual levels of the use of 'legal highs' and new psychoactive compounds," he said.

He said that Glastonbury, with its ethos that "British law applies, but the rules of society are a little bit different, a little bit freer" provided the ideal demographic.
Seems fair enough, right? But Eavis has said no.
Festival's founder Michael Eavis said in a statement: "The drug culture these days has changed beyond belief. What a cheek to even suggest there's a problem."
Erm, Michael: police had made 34 drug arrests by Wednesday.

But even if people didn't take drugs at Glastonbury, why would you not let Dr Ramsey have a bit of poo? If you're convinced the place is cleaner than Emily Bishop's conscience, surely you'd welcome the chance for a university-endorsed report saying that there's not so much as a hint of LemSip in the portaloos?

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