Sunday, July 10, 2011

Embed and breakfast man: Easterhouse

Obviously, Easterhouse weren't from Glasgow, although their name was. They actually came from Manchester and managed three line-ups across two albums. They were brilliant, though.

Oh, and they even got back together, for a one-off gig, in 2005. One of the Smiths joined in, which is understandable. Because they sounded like this:

That was Whistling In The Dark, which is pretty much the big hit (in an indie chart sense of the word).

Actually, the appearance of Andy Rourke at their reunion also had a deeper resonance, as the band's first gig ever had been supporting The Smiths.

Supporting The Smiths. That's a hell of a start to a career.


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Anonymous said...

The Smiths connection was even stronger, as Easterhouse's guitarist (Ivor Perry? - possiblty should have checked before I started typing) was touted as a replacement for Johnny Marr when he left. They might even have done a few rehearsals with him.

blackberry white said...

love the smiths now but couldnt stand them back in the 80's

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