Thursday, July 07, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Has she tried going to a shop

Strangeness about Leona Lewis from Gordon this morning:

LEONA Lewis's fridge would put most feeders to shame.
Feeders? As in someone who deliberately forces their partner to over-eat to fulfill their sexual desires? Rather a startling concept to thrust down our throat, isn't it?
The singer spent her latest trip back to the UK stocking up on proper British grub before her return to Los Angeles.
Now, I know a thing or two about this - transatlantic food shifting, albeit in the other direction. So what is she taking?
So she splashed out hundreds of pounds on old-fashioned snacks to stop herself getting homesick while she's away. Baked beans, Marmite, chocolate and tomato ketchup were all on The X Factor winner's supermarket list.
Heinz Ketchup is pretty much identical on both sides of the Atlantic. Heinz make 'British' baked beans and sell them (as Vegetarian beans) in all fairly large supermarkets. Cadbury's godawful Dairy Milk isn't hard to get hard of in the States, and even Marmite - though an exotic foodstuff and a little pricey - isn't as rare as, say, Marshmallow Fluff is in the UK. Or Nutter Butter biscuits.

In short: Leona is apparently wasting her money shipping a bunch of stuff across the Atlantic that she could get without any fuss in the US.

Unless, of course, this is merely the first part in shaping a 'Leona didn't flop in America, she just got so homesick she was having to fly Marmite in and decided to come home instead' narrative. But surely not, eh?