Friday, August 12, 2011

Metalobit: Jani Lane

Jani Lane, who was lead singer with Warrant, has been found dead in an LA hotel.

Lane - who was born John Kennedy Oswald - hard originally started out as a drummer. Driven by a desire to get a bit more of the limelight, he took singing lessons, adopted a new name, and started singing in Plain Jane, the band which would eventually morph into Warrant.

Lane's relationship with Warrant was on-off; quitting in 1993 and returning the next year; leaving again in 2004; doing a Bet Lynch truncated return in 2008.

Lane was part of a sort-of-supergroup, Saints Of The Underground, which released an album in 2008, but his career outside Warrant was never entirely successful. He'd turned up on Celebrity Fit Club on VH1 about five years ago.

Lane's body was found in a Comfort Inn. He was 47 and is survived by two daughters.