Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Songwriterobit: Nick Ashford

Songwriting legend, Nick Ashford, has died.

Working with his wife Valerie Simpson, the pair had hits in their own right - most notably Solid:

But, it's fair to say, their best work they did for other people.

The pair met in 1964 and, while husband and wife teams aren't unusual in entertainment, it's still noteworthy for a couple of have a four decade partnership that is successful both professionally and personally.

There songs were so well constructed, they could even cope with being taken from Ray Charles and being covered by Manfred Mann, which was to be the fate of their breakthrough song, Lets Go Get Stoned:

If they had a signature song, though, it'd be this:

Nick Ashford, who was 70, had been ill with throat cancer. He's survived by his wife and two daughters.