Saturday, September 03, 2011

Embed and breakfast man: Mary Margaret O'Hara

Towards the end of the 1980s, towards the end of a day, suddenly this most amazing sound started to come out of Radio One.

A singer-songwriter, yes, but also an apparent self-exorcism.

She's not exactly prolific - two albums and an ep in thirteen years - but she's still a going concern, so there's always hope. Her debut, Miss America, took four years to complete. So, patience is importance. 

And what she sounds like when she does get to release is this:

That's the official video for Body's In Trouble, from a time when it looks like Virgin Records were hoping she'd have a slightly more conventional career.

Buy Miss America
Apartment Hunting soundtrack

Unofficial but comprehensive fan site
Mary Margaret O'Hara on Spotify

More to come across the weekend
Dark Dear Heart
You Will Be Loved Again
November Spawned A Monster

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PeterD said...

I loved Miss America, I bought it on tape as I worked at butlins and only had a tape player in my chalet so a lot of albums I had at that time were on tape. I heard To Cry About late one night and I was probably reduced to tears by its beauty. I went to Herrick and Watsons in Skegness and ordered the album based on that song. When it came and I listened to the album I was over awed at its quality, A New Day, To Cry About, You Will Be Loved Again, Bodies In Trouble. There wasnt a track on the album that didnt leave me speechless. For a brief time it was the best album ever made.
When I moved house 5 years I got rid of all my tapes and that was one of them. I am about to order a CD replacement from Amazon.

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