Friday, September 09, 2011

Gordon in the morning: We were only being boring

To be fair, trying to make something out of anything Leona Lewis has to say is always tricky. Trying to do something enticing with an interview where Lewis talks about how dull she is is a real tall order.

But how did Gordon attempt to spark some life into this unappealing mixture?

Over the years Leona Lewis has carved out a reputation as the Steve Davis of music with her not-so-interesting interviews.

But she's not fussed people consider her less entertaining than a John Virgo trick shot.
Oh, yes. An extended, ten years out of date snooker metaphor. That brings it to life.

Gordon better watch out: his bosses are recruiting new showbiz blood for online activities. I'm not sure hacking out a gag about Joe Davis is going to cut it in this new world.