Saturday, October 08, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Hero takes a tumble

Gordon has news of an exciting crossover:

GARY Barlow plans Something Special – recording a song with the kiddie TV show's Mr Tumble star Justin Fletcher.
You can see the logic - Tumble appeals to kids; some of Barlow's fans are yet to shade into menopause. Can it really be true?
Justin, a favourite on children's channel CBeebies, revealed he and Take That star Gary have discussed working together after first meeting at last year's Children's Baftas bash.
Oh. So it's not exactly a "plan", then?
Justin said: "Gary broke off his tour to present a couple of the awards and said he would only come if he could meet Mr Tumble.

"We met afterwards, became friends and have talked about working together. It would be amazing to do a charity single with Gary, he's a lovely guy with a lovely family."
So, at best, there's been a few vague chats about the possibility of working together. I'm sure Mr Tumble wouldn't be trying to put pressure on Barlow by announcing something that's still a vague idea, right?