Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Madonna's five-ring circus

Gordon has news this morning of a planned appearance by Madonna:

Madonna is fit for Olympics

The 53-year-old singer is going to make her return with a massive gig in Hyde Park.

She is planning to win back her Queen Of Pop title by playing to 60,000 fans smack bang in the middle of the Olympics.
Smart is dressing this up as if it's part of the Olympics, although it's unlikely Madonna would, given that the supine UK government passed a law against that sort of thing.

There isn't actually an announcement - Gordon quotes "a source" and does some wild speculation:
Last month, Em — as her pals call her — said the follow-up to 2008 album Hard Candy will be "more good music" and out next spring.

That also ties in nicely with her rumoured Super Bowl performance at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis next February.
Nobody wants to see someone doing the new stuff at a Superbowl performance, surely? Especially given that the last couple of albums have been a bit patchy.

Still, you've got to love those "friends" - as Em calls them - who are obviously very close to Madonna operation with their insight of "more good music" being on the album. To be fair, I guess "good music" would represent a change of direction.

But how likely is that London - which clearly has started to panic about how the traffic is going to flow around during the running competition - would allow Madonna to clog up the other side of town at the same time?