Sunday, November 06, 2011

Glenn Danzig wants soup

You'd probably regret booking Glenn Danzig for anything, but even more so if he turned up and was a bit of a dick. Boy, was he a bit of a dick at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin:

arrived in Austin on Friday morning and said it was too cold, he had a cough and he wasn’t going to play. He then demanded vitamins, French onion soup and a Wendy’s chicken sandwich, keeping his intentions unclear as the temperature climbed to 71 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny, with a projected evening low of the mid- to high-50s.

After hours of negotiation with Danzig’s agents, including the provision of stage heaters and an on-site doctor, the promoters say they were assured that the show would go on – but as of the 8:15pm set time, Danzig still refused to play, citing the weather, his "deathbug" and his unhappiness with the stage specs, all of which had reportedly been approved months in advance and by his crew on Friday. He finally relented and took the stage at 9 p.m., now faced with a 10 p.m. curfew and a 45-minute set time reduction. He immediately declared to the crowd that he was "fucking freezing," and proceeded to play a set that, while full of energy and effort by his bandmates, elicited comments on Twitter that compared it to "Danzig karaoke."
Curiously, the Facebook post Rolling Stone links to as being the FFF organiser's side of events has been revised to read merely "kitty litter" - presumably a reference to pictures of Danzig buying cat-poo-materials earlier this year.

In other FFF news, Rakim had to pull out of the second day with a broken foot; he was replaced by Kool Keith.