Saturday, January 21, 2012

Biohazard involved in sickness

Scott Roberts out of Biohazard has fallen unwell. The band shouted a statement:

"After spending the whole day getting tests done to no avail, he checks himself out of the hospital to make the show just in time to KICK FUCKING ASS and help us blow the roof off of Deinze! That's the crazy vegetarian hardcore dude he is! After the show, he's rushed back to the hospital! Anyone else would had canceled the tour! SCOTT ROCKS!" The band adds, "Scott is still in the hospital, but judging by his hardcore spirit and having BIOHAZARD blood in his veins, he'll beat this shit! Get ready, Oberhausen!!"
Surely if he's got Biohazard blood in his veins, that's the most likely cause of the illness, right?