Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oscars: Madonna suddenly gets a free night in February

The Golden Globes, with their head-patting 'well, your song is quite good', must have been galling enough for singer-turned-director-at-least-in-her-head Madonna.

The Oscars shortlist are crueller still, with no room even for best song nomination. In fact, WE gets just one shortlisting. For best costumes.

To be fair, The Muppets are probably going to be shoo-in for Best Song, for Man Or Muppet, so it's probably a kindness that they're not expecting her to turn up.

Besides, Madonna's not an idiot and must have seen her film, so she was able to get her self-consolation in first:

"Well, the Oscars, the nominations are coming out tomorrow, and fingers crossed, I hope my movie gets nominated for something," Madonna told MTV News on the [Golden Globes] red carpet. "I would be really grateful if it did, but if it doesn't, I got the Super Bowl — keep on going."
Yes, if you've been shunned by the Oscars, knowing you'll keep the cameras ticking over while the Superbowl audience have gone to the john or the bar is the next best thing.


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