Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bookmarks: Whitney Houston

There is an awful lot of Whitney Houston related postings going up on the internet at the moment, as you'd expect. The one that I'd recommend you read is from Eve Barlow on how within moments, Houston's death became another chance for people to talk about themselves:

On the other end of the enormoknob scale came the one and only Dan Wootton, who tweeted “Whitney Houston death is CONFIRMED. This is NOT a Twitter hoax. Only 49-years-old” and immediately updated his Twitter profile picture to an image of Me And My Mate Whitney. Well, indeed. Except if she was your friend, Mr Wootton, perhaps you would have been up to speed with her birthdays and not got her age wrong. Whoops. “My job as a showbiz reporter involves reporting and providing tributes at these very sad times. I hope people can understand that,” Dan tweeted after his live feed on Sky. Loud and clear, Dan. Let’s just report accurately, yeah?