Friday, February 17, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Look busy, the boss is in

Today, Rupert Murdoch will be popping in to either reassure Sun hacks that those of them who don't go to prison will be safe, or to rip out the toilets and lightbulbs before putting the place on the market.

What will Gordon be able to show him when the person translating Murdoch into human asks "what did you do for today's paper"?

A bit that appears to exist for no other reason than plugging Mastercard:

EVEN over in LA, Jessie J can't take her mind off Tuesday's Brits.

The singer, nominated for Best Breakthrough, Best Single for Price Tag and Best Female, couldn't help but dress up as the logo of event sponsors Mastercard.
Handing out free advertising to large companies - are you sure that's the sort of thing that will impress Rupert?