Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gordon in the morning: The seven-day shift

So, with the relaunch of the News Of The World, Gordon starts a seven-day working pattern. Let's hope Kasabian can play enough golf to fill the new acres.

With the first edition of the paper, promises that despite being run by the same executives who have been busily deleting emails and trying to hush-up stinking journalistic practices, you can trust The Sun On Sunday Of The World:

Our journalists must abide by the Press Complaints Commission's Editors' Code, the industry standard for ethical behaviour, and the News Corporation Standards of Business Conduct. We will hold our journalists to the standards we expect of them.

After all, a newspaper which holds the powerful to account must do the same with itself.

You will be able to trust our journalists to abide by the values of decency as they gather news.
Well, that's quite a promise.

So, at least we can be sure that if we turn to Gordon Smart's column, we won't find the medical details of a member of the public being shared simply because of a connection to a celebrity; nor that those details seem to have been passed to Smart by a vaguely-descibed "pal", right? Because nobody would launch a newspaper pledging to be held to the highest standards of conduct while doing something shady like that, right?
Adele’s Brit pain over nan's heart scare


The shattered chart queen, 23, staged a vigil at the bedside of 68-year-old Rose — who helped raise her — before hiding her anguish to go on TV.

A close pal of the songbird revealed she cancelled all her engagements after the widow's collapse in a South Wales supermarket.
Presumably Adele only "hid her pain" to create an exclusive for The Sun On Sunday. I'd love to know how the trustworthy Sun On Sunday came by this story. Clearly, not from someone who wanted their name to be linked to the story.