Sunday, March 11, 2012

6Music at 10: New schedule

First, I suppose I ought to acknowledge that having some quibbles with the 6Music schedule is a small matter; that we're lucky to have a station within whose schedules we can find fault.

But the arrival of Gilles Peterson on Sunday feels a bit curious. I suspect if he'd left Radio 1 a couple of years ago, he'd have moved to a late-night slot on Radio 2 rather than heading to 6, but with Bob Shennan on notice to stop Radio 2 getting younger, 6 it is.

I like Peterson's show, and it does feel like a boost to the line-up. But if the idea is about making it easier for 6Music listeners to find music beyond the guy-with-guitar stereotype of the nation, how does that square with the Sunday changes which see the Freakzone shunted further back into evening to make room for the good-but-hardly-challenging Tom Robinson programme?

Is 6Music wanting its audience to be discovering strange new things, which would suggest Peterson on Saturday afternoons is in the right place, or does it not, which is what the shoving off of the Freakzone implies?

Or do 6Music listeners have only a limited capacity for non-guitary music?

It's a puzzle, but not as puzzling as this line:

Liz Kershaw continues to front Saturday lunchtimes from 1-3pm