Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gennaro Castaldo watch: Game on

Given that HMV has the healthy prognosis of an asthmatic in a dust storm, you might think they'd show a bit of sympathy for rival GAME, which can't persuade suppliers to deliver stock. Not a bit of it:

HMV communications head Gennaro Castaldo added: “We are working hard on our own advertising, PR and promotional activities, including specially-built product zones on, to send a positive message out to consumers so they know we have these titles in stock, and to highlight special deals we may be offering.”
Given how badly HMV managed to fumble the advantage handed them by the closure of Woolworths, Borders and Virgin/Zavvi, you've got to wonder if they really should be so excited by GAME going bottom-up. Apart from anything, doesn't it suggest that flogging computer games from a special shop might be a shit business to be in?