Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gennaro Castaldo Watch: Who's doing nicely out The Voice?

Is anyone doing well from The Voice? Obviously the procession of hats and brave faces competing have yet to pitch any wares (except, I guess, for the Five Star back catalogue), but the judges are doing very nicely.

Gennaro Castaldo, HMV's head of abacus-wielding, explains:

"So far Jessie has seen the biggest lift - with sales of her album nearly 100% up on the period before the show started," Gennaro Castaldo, head of press and PR at HMV told The Radio Times.

"It tends to be the performing guest artistes featured on reality TV audition shows that normally steal the headlines and see a lift in sales of their products, but for the first time it's actually the panel of judges on The Voice who appear to be benefiting."
Jessie J's album sales have been boosted by 89%, albeit in some sort of vague way:
[She] has experienced an 89% increase in sales of her first album Who You Are since the show began in March.
Presumably that's not she's sold 89% more than the total sales up until that point, but it's not entirely clear what period the comparison is with.
Fellow coach Danny O'Donoghue has also seen an increase. His band The Script have seen sales of their first two albums rise by 57% over the past four weeks
I'm presuming there's also been a 57% rise in people getting an album home and feeling really cheated in the same period.


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