Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gordon in the morning: White list

Rather an odd non-story about the Rolling Stones from Gordon this morning:

Rolling Stones open to Jack White collaboration

KEITH Richards wants Jack White to work his production magic for The Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary.
What's this based on? Apparently Keith saying
He said: “The door is wide open for Jack.”
This is Keith Richards. Are we sure he isn't just refusing to rule out drug use?

What is the point of this story? It's not announcing that White is going to produce or work with the Stones; despite Gordon's gloss there's not even much in that quote to suggest that Richards "wants" White to work with them. Just that it's possible.

But the real point of the story?

Er... to run a large picture of Georgia Jagger modelling one of the badly-designed Madonna/Lourdes outfits.